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20.07.2022 By Daniela König

The social media dilemma

Picture Daniela König

In order to focus on the needs of customers and remain competitive over the long term, insurance brokers should look into the use of different communication channels, including validation. In my blog post, I’ll be explaining why this is necessary and how we can support them here.

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Digital Experience

21.06.2022 By René El Fatuaki

Unified commerce – the future of commerce

Picture René El Fatuaki

Unified commerce combines e-commerce, order management, customer relationship management, point of sale and much more on one platform. Due to the broad scope of the topic, my blog post will primarily focus on the central role played by the customer data platform and explain how order management can be optimised through unified commerce.

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Companies employ staff in different roles, which means they have different areas of responsibility. These employees often possess above-average specialist knowledge in a subject area or special skills. But this knowledge is often – consciously or unconsciously – not shared. This creates an environment in which the conditions do not promote the growth of knowledge and prevent it from being used in a targeted way to advance the company and to offer real added value to (potential) customers. How can a company promote knowledge sharing through a community of practice and benefit (potential) customers and interested parties? I will explain how in this blog post using the example of the community of practice for the topic of company pension schemes.

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